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Dear colleagues of Physical Education

Στα Ελληνικά (in Greek)

 We are just a breath away after the finish of second millenium and the beginning of the third one. In this period of time we live, everything changes in a fast way and the applications of New Technology invade with more rapid rythm to our daily life and to the educational process. Internationally, a new society is being created, with new data and new occasions. Greece is called equivalently to participate and move together with the international dynamic development of Information Society in any field and especially in the sensitive one we serve, the field of Education.

 The educational softwares and the use of Internet have reached in high levels and constitute an integral piece of education's Physical Education: This is the way Phys. Ed. enters in the Information Society of today - Dynamically and Multidimentionallydaily routine in the developed countries. In sports of high level, in coaching process and generally in Physical Education the information technology already has found application, something that is followed the last years and in the greek reality.
  The internet as a world Society of exchange of information has no limits, it tends to the infinity and it can offer information almost for any subject, provided that the essential "infiltration" is going to take place. In countries where the internet is advanced, and especially in the area of Education, new sites have been created that provide services to our colleagues of Physical Education.

    Dear colleagues, the reason that our own site was created is to make it constitute a tool of communication and knowledge, moving along and following at the same time the modern demands of the education of today, education that has to be open to the local and world society. The Physical Education being aware completely of the redetermined role of modern school and education, as a part of it, promises that will use this site as a public step and as a tool for her active contribution and equivalent and transparent participation in the current multidimensional Society of Knowledge and Information.

      Basically, our site was created in order:



1) to achieve always the better possible bidirectional communication with you with simultaneous exchange of data and information aiming to the best scientific and pedagogic improvement and promotion.


2) to inform you fast on the running subjects and running activities of our Physical Education. We All know that the geographic distances, the transports and the bureaucracy constitute a brake.


3) to record every unexpected problem of our vocation (aiming at the fast resolution) of it,


4) to offer a public step to you for public dialogue, observations and proposals for any topic of our specialty that you condider it as a necessary one to examine, and of course


5) to promote the significance, the course, the aims and objectives of Physical EDUCATION  in Greece and out of it, in parents and students, and to contribute so that any citizent of Greece and abroad will be aware of the importance of Physical Education as a basic factor for the improvement of quality of life, and the most important of all


6) to promote widely and to award the work and the effort of Professors of Physical Education (permanent, assistant and part time ones) of Primary and Secondary Education in the regions that are related to the responsibility and competence of School Advisers of Physical Education that collaborate with our site.

    Our site also aims to offer to you a window to the "cyberspace" with relative links in subjects that concern mainly the Physical Education, the School and generally the Education herself.

 Therefore, have a good "surfing time" and try to participate dynamically and transparently in the  multifunctional Society of Knowledge and Information of today!!!

Athanassios Dionyssopoulos
 Physical Education Adviser

 (M.Sc. in USA,
From Sept.2005: Start of PhD in TEFAA Athens)




Creation, Management, Assiduity: Athanassios Dionyssopoulos M.Sc, Candidate Doctor in TEFAA of Athens- Phys. Ed. Teacher in 11th High School (Gymnassio) of Peristeri
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